Lean solutions

Lean Softworks GmbH develops robust software for modern requirements. Our solutions avoid unnecessary complexity, buzzwords and airy trends - we build lean, focused software to solve real problems.

Few dependencies, stable operation and proper logging - this is what distinguishes our products.

Business software for everyone

Even basic software requirements often go unfulfilled. Be it time tracking, asset management or request handling - good software costs money and with limited resources, Excel or your mail box too often serve as 'solutions'.

Members of Lean Softworks started a project in 2019. They wanted to know, whether they can address common business software requirements with a standardized, low-code platform. This platform is called REI3.

Now in 2022, REI3 already offers about a dozen professionally designed applications. Released as open-source, it can be used free of charge by anyone. With optional support services, organizations can reliably operate REI3.

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